Mind Field

Season 1-3. A popular science show, which has three types of episodes — recreating ancient experiments, johnny knoxville trying out different not-healthy stuff, and organizing minor experiments for different fringe theories. Though, if you don’t know that non-diegetically you would think those are of the first type. The amount of cherry picking for target results […]

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

A cool action film with a lot of comedy in it. But i wouldn’t call it action comedy, since they are separated into different scenes. Also comedy bits are actually what brings the film down a notch. When we already have a great pairing of Rock and Statham, who both make amazing delivery of dry […]

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls — Spring Breakdown

An animated film, which is fine in itself, but the ending was underwhelming due to negative possibility space. I was a little bit excited to see how new characters and animals would look like in the Equestria. But they allocated their limited budget smartly, and didn’t draw a lot of new pony rigs to be […]

केसरी [Kesari] (2019)

Last stand hindi punjabi-centered sikh-focused war film. Due to it being Hindi it’s rather western, it’s very light on musical numbers and has no romantic comedy in it. There’s some good action, but again not outrageously great. The film tries hard to say that it’s totally not religiously intolerant by including mosque-building scene after talking […]

Glass (2019)

A film, which tries to convince the viewer, as opposed to the characters, that the events of first two entries were just delusions. But it does very poor job at that, and takes the heroes too seriously. Without stupid “reveal” it makes even less sense. It would be cool if that did actually work and […]

Hellboy (2019)

A kewl urban fantasy action film, dragged down by lens flare, overdose on poor cuts, musical vinegret and stampeding pacing — if you get distracted from even just one sentence in dialogues you risk to completely lose the thread of events and any sense of continuity. Hellboy is written like a pissy 15 years old […]

Us (2019)

Что хотел сказать автор? An intriguing creepy film, alluding to some minor events from US culture. I don’t know what is the “message”, or if there is any, because film doesn’t do a good job of conveying it. But the movie is still good enough at face value and acting is mostly outstanding. Though, i […]