Red Sparrow (2018)

A borderline boring generic spy movie as a kid would imagine one, with traditional racism and abysmal accents. The actors can’t decide, if they are trying to have a russian accent of english as one they saw in usa movies about sicilian mobsters portrayed by usa actors, or usa accent of russian accent of use accent of russian. Anyway everyone sounds terriblу and we have russian characters speaking english at home. And of course someone would congratulate someone else on their russian, when a real russian can’t even decipher what was attempted to be said. Like, not even remotely.

All of the characters are retarded and none of them is eligible to be trusted with government secrets or service. Lawrence has her dumb ball face all over the movie, overacts where there should be no reaction, and lacks any subtlety, say, of Theron from equally weak Atomic Blonde. All the movie does is tries to portray russian special service as satanic animals and usa service as saint boy scouts, because it was written by christian texan caucasian soccer moms, who demand you to think of the children.


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