I, Frankenstein (2014)

Frankenstein; or, The Modern “B” Movie

A decent urban fantasy action movie with decent CGI, decent choreography, decent cinematography, decent amount of fighting and absolutely, utterly terrible dialogue writing. Pompous self-serious tone and a lot of assumptions about what the viewer knows about the source material, about what other characters know, about what other characters’ motivations are and the obtuse grandiose language are kind of detract from the plot. What i actually don’t like is that the monster is played by the Aaron Eckhart without any make-up. Even his scars don’t make any assembly sense and were present even before the first fight with demons.

That is what a modern “B” movie is supposed to be like, it is still perfectly watchable and has a lot of less overused plot points, just can’t deliver it perfectly. Not boring pathetic drab with artificial errors and physical medium damage, not photographs of people talking.

Caution: contains lens flare.


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