Ferdinand (2017)

An utterly generic Free Willzyx cartoon with Cena being recorded from inside of a watercloset wase.

In cinematography department it offers lens flare in the absence of a lens. Also there is a cartoon injection, which is made by just applying a ton of awful PFX to the same CGI and played back in 6 FPS.

The blu-ray is absolutely terrible: it is in so-called “HDR” marketing scam, which makes it bleak and colourless (and that’s on an HDR screen), it’s in 4:2:0 chroma and looks terrible, and it’s rendered with something like point-filtering, so on top of being terribly blurry, everything is covered in 1×1 pixel noise. And all of that is in a pre-rendered CGI cartoon, which are supposed to look absolutely amazing, super crisp and crystal clear in UHD, since they don’t incorporate weak red 6k footage or disgusting film grain.


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