Avengers: Infinity War


Well. It’s not a good movie. It makes no so many senses. It’s still an enjoyable comic nook adaptation action trash, but it got crippled with traditional comic universe disease of inconsistent power levels, bad pacing and a bad CGI, reminding you of something from the very early 2000s.

Did you like Thor 3? Well in the first couple of minutes all of its events are rendered completely meaningless. And it was done out of nowhere — from the first seconds it continues the after credits scene, and not everyone waits for them in the cinematheatre.

They call it a crossover, but it’s just three separate teams, each with their own story-line. They do happen at the same time, and connect a little, but they won’t get much worse without being mangled together in editing. Some sequences, like the entire visit to the forge, are rather short and shouldn’t be cut in pieces at all.

And the whole story is based on an ancient utterly disproved concept, which villain still believes in, like some countryside crazy horoscope grannie. On top of it it’s a different actor and a visually it’s the worst version of them all.


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