Fantasia (1940)

A kind of art-housy anthology of animated short films with no particular theme, which is utterly ruined by the conférencier coming out and yapping for prolonged times, describing in the minute details what you are about to see and what you must feel about that.

Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
Is a head on take on animating over music, which is absolutely abstract and pointless. 1940 was a harsh time and they tried to find entertainment where they could.

Nutracker Suite
A more elaborate music video, which however includes an outdated sequence which is now must be considered racist. Which is bad not because it’s offensive, but because it’s nonsensically stupid. Also feautures shamed mannequinn nudity.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
A prominent part which is based on the Der Zauberlehrling. It’s kind of okay, but the old Mickey Mouse’s voice is very irritating and the Mickey himself is really unfitting for this rendition.

Rite of Spring
Has a lot of bloodless dinosaur fighting.

The Pastoral Symphony
A segment which features a ton of barebrested centaurs for which artists forgot to draw nipples. Or forgot to remove mantits and leave them only big powerful pecks since pony horsetits are between their legs and they don’t need another pair. But even with that they then added pathetic unworking invisible nipple obstructions everywhere. Can’t they even decide on one censorship method? Yeah let’s use all of them.

Dance of the Hours
An unfunny wannabe comedic sequence with dancing hippos, which is at the same time offensive to fatasses and kind of appreciative of them with body-positivity. But mostly unfunny.

Night on Bald Mountain and Ave Maria
Another sequence with shamed nudity. And boring stuff.

The anthology is vastly hit and miss, and is utterly outdated. Being mature would’ve saved at least some of the sequences. But everything is ruined by the treatment of the audience as deficient degenerates. If you to re-cut it, to remove all of the live-action parts, then it probably would be tolerable. And of course there is a fifteen-minutes long intermission.


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