Daredevil (2003) director’s cut

So the director’s cut doesn’t actually change anything of substance, it is still a schizophrenic experience of dumb overly comic-book action (or mostly post-action scenes with cartoony stretchy CGI) and joyless drub of the rest of the wannabe grimdark “rated E” for no one movie. And worst of all, the cinematography is not just abusing cuts to hide pathetic martial acting, but actively drops snippets of time, so different shots don’t connect to each other in a coherent way. Even the geography of the scenes is ruined one moment they are on the edge of the roof, the next frame they are in the middle of the roof.

The storyline is terrible. And not only in the main events, it can’t even make a proper ark out of the simple generic sub-plot about Franklin’s growth as a real lawyer. The theatrical cut deliver’s this point better, by omission of unnecessary scenes. The character of Elektra might as well not exist. She fails even at being a wife in the fridge — the hero is already on the path of revenge. The only things she does is fight a blind guy in the streets and stabs the Daredevil. But after about 40 seconds where he broods and he whines, he ultimately magically heals and forgets about it. The only worthy things you can get out of this 200X comic-book adaptation atrocity is absolutely amazing Kingpin played by Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile guy) and the terrible and poorly designed, but very entertaining rendition of the Bullseye played by Colin Farrell, who is utterly enjoying himself.

While i love when the music is contemporary and good (unlike generic orchestral white noise) and I’m not against licensed tracks (especially fitting or obscure) this was 200X  comic-book adaptation, and the movie starts with some Nickelback-tier whining. Even when they use powerful Evanescence songs, they completely disregard the lyrics and the mood and put them into the unfitting scenes. Also the sound mixing is flat.

Watching it second time in the overhyped (any amount of hype is overhype for it) director’s cut didn’t change my opinion in the slightest. It had it chance, twice.


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