Dunkirk (2017)

— Nolan! Your movie is falling into the blender!
— No worries, lass! To be fair, people with very high IQ are bloody fond of salads.
— Nolan! Nolan! Nolan, stahp! Your movie is a mash!

You know, i was quite fond of the Nolan’s movies, even with barely passable Batman Begins, entertaining but really uncanny The Dark Knight and underwhelming Inception. I quite liked The Dark Knight Rises, even while people with opinions dislike it. But then there was quite dull and pretentious Interstellar , after which i started to question if Nolan really is that great, or was i just trying to convince myself.

Following fell into a blender, but it was a fresh and peculiar style, which gained the  attention.
Memento fell into a blender, but that mostly served for the narrative, so the end result is great.
Insomnia was a nice movie for the plot, but also it was not a Nolan’s movie, it is yet another appropriation-re-make of pre-existing not-american art-piece.
The Prestige also did get a blender treatment, but that just perfectly fitted all the envelopes and the narrative, and it had to be a magical mystical miracle divine inspiration to turn another Priest’s stream of unconsciousness into such tight and focused movie.

See what i’m getting at here? Just like the Snyder’s early works, Shyamalan’s, Bay’s, Lucas’, Abrams’ — Nolan had his signature style and was noticed because of it. The difference is that Nolan still didn’t get Britney’s New Look treatment like all those mentioned above. He is still considered to be a genieoues of cinema, no matter how low he gets. Even when everyone hated Man of Steel, people blamed Snyder. But no one wanted to notice, that Snyder’s signature is visuals, and the timeline mincing can be no one else’s but the Nolan’s treatment. I didn’t notice it before, because sometimes it fitted the movie at hand just fine, but when it gets this pointless it demands some retrospection.


What is a great way to make everyone worship your movie (especially the joke, which is oscar)? World war 2, holocaust, slavery, jewish conservative pro-life born again overweight Asian homophobic lesbian broad who cuts herself. Even while WW2 is not a government religion in the west, they are still treat it as holy event and abolish sins of everyone (but those pesky commies who had no rifles and killed jerries by crushing them with dead bodies, right) from the ally forces. Well, this movie is about that war.
Though it brought one exact event of history to attention, just like, say, did the terrible Адмиралъ, the okay Valkyrie, or sobibors.

“Well, not even last night’s storm could wake you. I’ve heard them say we’ve reached Morrowind, I’m sure they’ll let us go.”

The cinematography is pretty bad, it is filmed on physical film and looks very noisy and grainy. Which also highlights how retrograde and conservative Nolan himself is. And there is none symbolic symbolography in the composition either, even while it’s a cheap trick, it’s at least something if you have nothing.

While all his previous movies were of varying qualities, they all were, undeniably, movies. This one is not. If you give it to an editor, who will assemble this back into a coherent picture, just like when they had to re-assemble the first cut of the Star Wars — it probably can be at least a tolerable piece. But right now, with the entirely broken and confusing for absolutely no reason or gain chronology, which doesn’t even represent points of view or something like that — this is factually a not a movie.




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