Книга мастеров

Прыгай в камин с головой вы подохли я Кащей.

Disney’s venture into russian slavic market is pretty epitomic of the local environment. It feels like they’ve only provided funding and didn’t interfere in the creative process, unlike what Последний богатырь feels like. Because this movie is good as an example of the local movie industry of that time and servicing it to the max. It’s probably unmarketable on the west (4.4 IMDB against vs. 6.6 IMDB of the Последний богатырь). It is ill-meaning and mean-spirited, it tries to be cynical, but the poor acting is unable to deliver that contemporary vibe.

The story is kind of based on the Каменный цветок, but all of the characters are gopniks. The CGI is tolerable, but the cinematography has died from a thousand cuts.

Ну что, Данила-мастер, не выходит каменный цветок?


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