Radio Free Albemuth (2010)

A budget movie based on one of the (even?) less memorable books by Dick. From what i remembered before, it was a pointless cop chase flick, with the punchline being that the oppressive leader is made all the stuff up, based on his childhood impression from some sewer cap with bizarre organization name. But after the midpoint of the movie, where they did find said inscription, it continued and i still was remembering those events. So in the end, i think, this was one pretty accurate movie to the book.

The problem is, it gives you an undeniable taste of the Dick. It is edited so abruptly and uncomfortably, that it perfectly translates the narrative of the Dick’s book medium into the narrative of the cinematographic medium. And that is not a good thing. If we close our eyes on such lousy editing and overall amateur and low-budget aftertaste, it is rather enjoyable and interesting thing.
It’s a pure luck, that crazy libtards didn’t remember this story under spooky scary Trump administration, nor that no one found very uncanny parallels of this with what actually happens in russia right now, under the president, who is sitting there longer than the notorious stagnator Brezhnev.

This time without a fine, make a better movie next time.

Any Blade-Runner-fag would get their bom-bramzeil torn from a taste of the raw Dick. I so wish there were a 146% accurate Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? movie, with a real jesus saving the day, androids being absolute nazis, an angry cop, a nubian goat and a random shooting in the police station. Dick was entirely destroyed with drugs. Not on par with Burroughs‘ trash, but already heavily dissociated and random. Dick’s writing works only when the story is already focused on the dissociation with the reality: Ubik, A Scanner Darkly, A Maze of Death.


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