Bāhubali \ బాహుబలి \ பாகுபலி

A one movie in two parts, with such strange structure, that you can’t really separate them without re-editing. In fact it’s an entire prequel movie enveloped by the sequel movie.
Even if we re-edit them by the generations, there will be the question which one you should watch first, since the present time is building up for the reveal from past. Anyway it would go against the artistic intent, so just prepare yourself for one great three hundred and thirty minutes ride with two stories.

Part one.

“Baahubali: The Beginning”

Film starts with tame premise, which goes into a small skirmish, leading to the start of the first part of the prequel story. Mostly it is a one really good pure action movie with crazy weapons, epic battles and bizarre strategies.

The cinematography in it’s purest is great, but in reality it’s muddied with rather poor slow motion. The shots are great but it’s that kind of old and cheap slo-mo, which is achieved by slowing down of the footage instead of using higher frame-rate camera for low frame-rate movie. So it’s look stuttering and choppy. Also there is a little of lens flare in environment shots. Also there is a little bit distracting “CGI” markings on the shots with animals.

Part two.

“Baahubali 2: The Conclusion”

So… Saying that an indian movie is mostly a pure action didn’t sound right for anyone who know indian scene, right? Well, here it is. The second part of the prequel starts with a mandatory cheesy romantic comedy, goes into one deep drama on the scale of The Lord of the Rings and concludes with one great long action sequence.

The slow-motion effect is improved and is less distracting. The “CGI” mark is gone, but here we can witness the indian censorship of minor gore in a brief scene.


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