Хардкор is the best movie of the year and one of the best action movies of all time. Art is about experimenting with new narratives and diverse stories, not about retreading old tropes about amurican marines surviving holocaust and crying with their slaves about slavery. That doesn’t bring anything new to the table, while Хардкор does. One hundred out of ten, would have its children.

I never liked the original videos for Bad Motherfucker and Stampede, partially due to the bad music. But third time’s the charm. With previous experience, bigger budget, better narrative and at least a little bit deeper story, supported by the great actors, it finally flourished. At least the theatrical run was censored and the movie could be improved with better nudity — mature people don’t shy away from it, like peeking giggling teens. Sharlto Copley is a god-tier actor, it’s like he took the part on condition that he could do whatever he likes.

Still, more choreographed fights with rapid switching of empty weapons, just like in the Wanted, would be nice.

I didn’t notice anything, what anglosphere “critics” were talking about. Probably they just lack cultural understanding (or more likely basic understanding of juxtaposition, even slightly different from tropes). Also americans are seem to be very prone to motion sickness. Not only i didn’t notice any, it’s plain unheard of, to get motion sickness from flat screens in these parts.


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