OwO What’s This?

From the trailers i expected it to be some retarded cop+con buddy movie with awful jokes made for kids and furfags. But it turned out to be even worse.

The animation and graphics are okay and everything is semi-cute, but the system of the things is so broken and convoluted, with deviant implications. And it’s never even addressed, while depicted in full frontal. And it’s so focused on very specific flavour of racial tensions, that it’s some utterly backyard-local thing (and only applicable to the current situation). Twenty years down the line (or in any other country on the earth right now) it would be seen utterly bizarre and broken, since racial tensions depicted in the movie don’t apply anywhere outside of context of exclusively american history (X).

And if they mean not racial tensions, but the “other” ones, well it failed bizarrely at it. Which makes it even worse, because being born “wrong” is not the same as personal choice to be wrong or wrongly wrong, which is even worse.

It seems that everyone agrees that the carnivores are supposed to be a metaphor for africans. Well, you know, carnivores are born that way, it is inherent to their nature. And africans are just people, who never had been so massively dangerous to the non-africans, as the carnivores to the herbivores. Carnivores are the minority, while africans are giant chunk of earth’s population.
So what exactly do carnivores eat? You know that fish (and plankton, and proteins from the sea) and insects are animals too? With biodiversity of population, it’s just the same as people eating monkeys. And there is a lot of the furniture made out of citizens. Inconsistency in sizes and anatomy is distracting and it exists due to cowardly cheap cop-out. You know when you use anthropomorphic animals, you ether do not go into any detail and the Donald Duck is eating chicken, or you explain all of the bizarre world-mechanics diegetically.

The plot is bad too, they are trying to depict how our heroes are good, but actually we have a corrupt cop being entangled with mafia (and criminals) in terrible pop-culture references, who use illegal methods to pressure the people who are not even suspects yet, without any order. The scene with the muzzle makes no sense. They don’t have pets, for them a muzzle have totally different narrative than for the audience. That’s just some obscure medical equipment and not something about furson rights. Also how did young kids managed to get their paws on a child-size medical restraint mask? Shakira playing the Adelle is as arse backwards, as you can go, that’s second-hand embarrassing and humiliating.
— Hi, a singer, can you play a role of, a singer, which we really, really wanted, but didn’t manage to get, without any re-writes?

Shipping a white human with a brown human is not the same as shipping, say, a human with a sheep (which is mostly illegal). By which i mean Leporidae from Lagomorpha don’t really fit with the Vulpes vulpes which is Carnivora.



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