The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

A comic-book action movie which fell victim to the butchering table. It is still tolerable, but if you watch cut content it starts to make so much more sense. Otherwise the ruined story+plot is the only thing which drags it down, the rest is significant improvement over the abysmal Spider-Man (2002). Despite being much older (and having a beard shade which you can encounter at this age only on caucasians IRL), Garfield is much thinner and have a more immature teenager posture. Also their chemistry with the Gwen Stacy played by the hammerhead shark Emma Stone is through the roof.

This universe is also more scientific, but not to the point of making everything dull and ugly. And the cinematography is rather modern. I like the new plot too, i don’t care if it’s unlike everything what was written about Spider-man before. And that is the point, we already saw origin story so many times being exactly the same, now finally they are doing something new and fresh.


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