Archive (2020)

ПРЫГАЙ В СРАЛЬНИК ГОЛОВОЙ First of all it is actually a competent film it was captivating enough for the whole ginormous unwarranted runtime of “poetic” meandering. If you are into that, or if you have never encountered such thing called “story” before — this film can be your new favourite. My biggest criticisms of this […]

Lego DC: Shazam!: Magic and Monsters

You can’t fit three Lego-bills into one Lego-suitcase. New installment of Lego DC Comics Super Heroes more often engages Lego as a medium, and also has a fine story-line. It’s one of the best in this universe along with Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League. This film is even better than Shazam!: there’s […]

My Little Pony Annual 2014

Oh, so this is what the currently running event in the game is based on. It’s an in-universe comic about power ponies built on a villains team-up. The story states that the protagonist team before this issue never liked to work with each other, which is a stretch even for a comic inside of a […]

Gemini Man

A typical sombre black ops inside job action thriller. It’s one of those stories which treats cloning like magic. With smoll smoth being brought up in a different environment there wouldn’t be much similarity between them, and big smoth’s physical and supernatural prowess weren’t hyped enough to suggest that on DNA level he is any […]

Greyhound (2020)

It’s a one-man show pretending to be a typical movie. Outside of some rare shots of grey mist over grey sea, sparsely shown sub-par CGI ships and waves, a couple of eagle-eye shots, and some side-characters, used as props, we are limited to one character walking around one room. He can’t even see the rest […]

Onward (2020)

An utmost generic daddy issues runt’s adventure urban fantasy CGI cartoon. The characters lack nostrils. And the first twenty minutes are so bad i’ve stopped watching for several hours just to get some break from the terribleness. The rest is just dull with, like, 2,5 working jokes. But the beginning is so generic, so terrible, […]

The Hunt (2020)

A usual the most dangerous game ordeal, but in a setting where the rich think they are good guys and the poor are below average people indulging in the wrongthink and thought-crimes. It’s already a cool cynical action movie by itself, but then Betty Gilpin delivers an amazing character. I don’t know if her accent […]

Extraction (2020)

It’s an okay sociopathic misery-action film, with no good guys in it. Two angry men rival it out and then are coming to terms on a suicide run. Randeep Hooda quite delivers his angry not-good-guy. It starts in medias res and that serves no purpose. The cinematography is unremarkable either way, unless you count piss-yellow […]