Escape Plan 2: Hades

   A very unfocused prison break movie. It has too many protagonist who fight for the screen time. And world-wise it’s like going from the Fortress to the Fortress 2. The first one makes some fantastic presumption in a mostly realistic universe, the second goes nanners. There are force fields, electric floors and magic laser medic […]

Det sjunde inseglet

An artsy unfocused and tonally uneven slow movie, which poorly conveys what it tries to say with all of the simbolography. I think the knight just stalled death for actors to flee, but also he could just accept his fate at the beach and not endanger them? I thought that they went for the image […]

Show Dogs (censored)

A talking dog detective difference appreciation movie in 2018 managed to have at least some interesting plot developments. I wouldn’t say i’m an expert in dog movies, but i did watch my share in the childhood. The rest, though, is still the same predictable and unfunny entertainment for kids with terrible CGI. Oh, and it […]

Super Troopers 2

The beginning would be an interesting way to have a sequel, but then kitten woke up. It is a 17 years late sequel, with the same cast and a pointless off screen sacking, which lead nowhere. It’s basically the same but elderly. Though it’s appealing to see faux canucks bemean yanks.

King Lear (2018)

A usual modern movie talks funny adaptation of Shakespeare, which relies too much on you already knowing the story, because it jumps around and doesn’t always make perfect sense. It has funny international cast, but in the current climate it can look as a pathetic virtue signaling statement instead of repostmodernist disregard to social construct […]